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Kusatsu Winter Workshop


Non-Equilibrium Fluctuation in Physics

and Informatics  2011


March 7-10, 2011, Kusatsu Seminar House, Gunma University, Gunma, Japan


Non-equilibrium fluctuation is an exciting, rapidly growing area of physics and informatics.The aim of the workshop is to stimulate the discussion about non-equilibrium processes and achieve interesting blend of the styles in order to gain more profound understanding. The workshop is organized as an "unconference"and will bring together physics researchers of various fields including elementary particle physics, condensed matter physics, general relativity, cosmology,and quantum information. 

Speakers include:

Satoshi Iso (KEK)

Takahiro Sagawa(University of Tokyo)

Masahiro Hotta (TohokuUniversity)




   Masahiro Morikawa  (Ochanomizu University)

    Masahiro Hotta (TohokuUniversity)


    MasahiroMorikawa, email:  hiro(at)